Afghanistan's Secret Peaks

Our Documentary chosen by th 13th Bergsichten Film Festival in Dresden 12.-13.11.16

"Afghanistan´s Secret Peaks - Das andere Afghanistan"

 a high definition documentary covering the complete expedition with it´s different aspects as there is the approach through Wakhan Corridor with its untouched valleys &  unspoilt nomadic culture and climbing nameless & virgin peaks.

The film can be used to promote the region with its natural riches among other climbers and lovers of any type of outdoor adventure to show a different, peaceful side of Wakhan Corridor.

Screening at:

17. Bergfilmfestival Gaudlitzberg, 29-30.08.2015

  4. Marburg International Ethnografic Film Festival,


13. Bergsichten Film Festival Dresden, 11.-12.11.2016


Afghanistan´s Secret Peaks: English Trailer

a Filming, Mountaineering & Paragliding Expedition 2012

What is our objective?

-          to traverse the length of Wakhan Corridor from West to the far East to explore two untouched valleys and to tackle first ascents on nameless & virgin peaks.

-          to paraglide over these previously unexplored  valleys for a precise aerial view.

-          to produce a high definition documentary  that can be used to promote the region among other climbers and lovers of any type of outdoor adventure.


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